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The Unique design, the research for the best possible material and the sartorial packaging made exclusively by hand in Italy is the heart of DANGERGRIZZLY®.

In our artisanal workshops in Emilia Romagna we create technical equipment for Trail Running, Trekking and Bikepacking with the same care and love with which an elegant suit is made.

Through our Taylor Made Lab program we can also offer our customer the ability to create his or her ideal bespoke gear

Km 0

One of our prides is being able to say that we have truly 0 km production, all concentrated in Emilia, to always have every step in product development under control.


We like to package our products in a sartorial way to always keep the quality of the process itself very high.


We try to satisfy our customer in every way by also offering the Tailor Made Lab program which also allows you to create made-to-measure garments.


The quality of our products is an essential issue for us, from the design to the choice of materials we always seek the best possible solution.

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